GuoGuan XingHen M

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This is Moyu´s magnetized version of XingHen 2×2. The magnets are located on the inside of the corner pieces and make the layers move towards each other at the end of each move. This makes the pieces align easier and you get better control over the cube even when you turn it really fast.


This speedcube is basically a XingHen 2×2 with magnets, it has the same good corner cutting and soft light feeling. The magnets are tuned in really nice, allowing you to turn the cube really fast.

Compared to the original, this cube comes with a larger package containing a cube rack, a screwdriver to adjust the cube and collectors card from MoYu. In addition, stickers are printed with slightly different shades. The colours are stronger and brighter. This is a great cube and you should try it out.

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