Valk 3 Power M

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the magnetized version By Mats Valk, manufactured by QiYi.


Valk 3 Power M is the newest 3x3 cube under the highly appreciated Valk series from QiYi MoFangGe. This speedcube is designed in cooperation with Mats Valk. Mats Valk is a professional speedcuber who beat the world record in the 3x3 rubik's cube.

The first version of Valk was incredibly fast, this is obviously fast as well. Valk 3 Power M is, however, more stable and easier to control due to, its new design and the magnets that help to get the pieces in line.

Valk 3 Power M has a double vertical core, capped pieces, pure primary internals and a very smooth and soft feel. This version has been pre-fabricated with magnets from the factory for a consistent and tactile solution experience.

We are convinced that you will like this cube.

this video shows the previous version of valk3:

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