QiYi 2x2x3

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Qiyi 223 is a 2x2x3 Cuboid. The puzzle is designed by YuKang Wu and is of very good quality. The layers are easy to twist and the cube doesn’t lock. The puzzle can look easy to solve, but is certainly more challenging than it looks. Nevertheless, it is the easiest Cuboid we sell and recommended for beginners.


Never solved a Cuboid? However, this is a perfect cube to start with. Qiyi 2x2x3 is a nice puzzle of high quality that is a must for the collection of speedcubes. The cuboid is surprisingly fun to solve even if you can solve a bit more difficult Cuboids, and if you've never solved a Cuboid earlier, this is a perfect challenge to start with. You can solve the puzzle with a couple algorithms, making it much easier than a 3x3 Rubik's cube, yet hard enough to keep you solving it.

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