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Buy SpeedLube together with a cube and get a discount on SpeedLube.


Buy SpeedLube together with a cube and get a discount on SpeedLube.
The discount will appear in your shopping cart once you have added both the cube and speedlube.

SpeedCubers Own Blend "the black tube"
This includes SpeedLube 55k, our own mix with slightly lower viscosity (original SpeedLube has 60k viscosity)

Have you ever wondered why SpeedCubes are so fast?
Here is part of the answer, and probably the part (besides yourself) that has the greatest impact on the cube's speed.
SpeedLube is a silicone oil with high viscosity, suitable for lubricating speedcubes. Want a quick cube? this is probably the best way.

Other things that contribute to a fast cube:
Properly tensioned screws (screw tension / release spring in the cube).
Wearing-, the cube performs generally better with time, as "sharp" edges of the cube rounded up and contribute to a faster cube with less "lockups".

How much is enough?
Depending on the technology and experience we can say that, 10 ml is enough for somewhere between 40 to 80 cubes.

Simply having SpeedLube in your possession does not make the cube more quickly, but you also have to apply it properly.

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